Lean IT Foundation

Lean IT Foundation

Welcome to Lean IT Foundation e-learning course! Lean IT is built on the proven Lean practices developed in manufacturing organisations around the world and tailored for the IT processes spanning the Service Lifecycle. The central focus of Lean IT is on the flow of value to customers across all IT domains. The elimination of waste,

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Change Management Foundation

Change management foundation

Welcome to Change Management Foundation e-learning course! With our bite-size learning modules, this course is designed for you to inform and prepare you for the Change Management Foundation exam by APMG International. The fact that you’re on this page means you’ve taken one small step by pressing the ‘start’ button, but it will be one

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Cobit 2019 FN

Cobit 2019 Foundation

Welcome to COBIT 2019 Foundation training course! COBIT® provides the guidance and means to build and sustain a best-fit governance system that aligns with major related standards, frameworks and regulations. The COBIT framework is also very relevant to the modern enterprise—bringing structure to decision making and assisting in the creation of a more agile governance system.

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Agile Scrum Foundation

Agile Scrum Foundation

This course will introduce you to concepts of Agile and Scrum and prepare you for the Agile Scrum Foundation exam by giving you the knowledge and understanding necessary for success. You’ll gain a good understanding of Agile frameworks and Scrum practices including roles, events and artifacts such as sprints, daily Scrum and the importance of

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