Ditum Academy - e-learning platform for self-study best practices

Learn knowledge from best practices online

We can also conduct training online or offline (instructor-led).

All inclusive

For ITIL and PRINCE2 online courses, you get access to videos, tutorials, questions and mock exams.

Guaranteed knowledge

Our company, materials and trainers are constantly working to improve online courses. We give only practical knowledge.

Real convenience

You can study online from anywhere in the world whenever you want. All our courses are available for you 24/7.

All our courses are available for instructor-led training


E-Learning courses

Global best practices should be accessible to everyone

We believe in people. This includes roles, competencies, skills, and organizational culture. All online courses that we provide are primarily focused on solving the business problems of your organization. This allows you to quickly get a return on investment from training.


We provide knowledge in the field of IT management and project management. IT professionals nowadays need to have not only technical knowledge, but also possess certain business knowledge and skills. 

We want to make global best practices available to everyone. We don't want to do learning for the sake of learning. Our goal is to change the culture of people and their behavior in the IT field. Our courses are primarily aimed at changing the culture of behavior.  

We teach best practices. Best practices are the knowledge and actions of people that are truly tested by time and professionals around the world. 

We are a small company with ambitious goals to change culture.
This is our advantage that the traditional classic company cannot match. 
Unlike a traditional course or virtual instructor-led course, where a trainer has to be paid every time a course is delivered, we only needed to record the ideal course once. This lowers our overhead and allows us to focus on what really matters, giving you the best learning experience without leaving your home or office.
So, instead of paying the traner a lot of money, we can focus on creating the best course for you and selling the same course to thousands of others. Plus, because we help a lot of happy people get certified, we don't have to spend a lot of money on advertising. Our satisfied and certified students are better than social media ads anyway!


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